西国三十三所観音霊場 33 Temples in western Japan Kannon Pilgrimage

[第14番札所] 観音堂 Kanon-do


Miidera-Temple is located on the western shore of Lake Biwa, Mt. Nagara middle. Many religious temples since ancient times have been believed as Kannon Pilgrimage such as 33 Temples in western Japan Kannon Pilgrimage.

The main honor of the 14th Buddhist temple of the West is the important cultural property Nyoirinkannonzazou (Heian era). It is a secret Buddha that will be opened once every thirty-three years, tells that he was engraved with worshiping and dedicating Kannon’s appearance felt by Chisyoudaishi (812 – 891) of the founder of Mountain.Kannondo (also called syouhouji) prayed for the healing of the emperor gosanjo (1034-1073), built a uni in the place called hananotani on the top of the mountain in Eikyu 4 years (1072), and welcomed Kannon to the main shrine It is said to be the beginning. It is drawn as “syouhouji, nyoirinkannon, within 30 places” in the vicinity of Yamagami in the Minamiin in the “Kojo Temple Inside History (Important Cultural Property)” in the Kamakura period. After that, during the Muromachi period civilization year 1469 – 1486), I told that the monks had been transferred to the present location as a result of having dreamed that kannon would like to move to the bottom of the mountain.

Jokyo 3 years (1686) Kannon-do will be destroyed by a fire that occurred on May 9th. The rebuilding of Kannondo is completed three years later, and the legal requirements of the upper building are being carried out on November 23rd, Genroku (1689) November 23rd. Currently, Kannon-do has an ema such as “Stone butt drawing” and “Kannondorakukeizu” dedicated to Genroku 3 years (1690). There is a beautiful joy that the disappearance of the main hall burnt down by overcoming the power of the priests has been drawn vividly, and you can feel the devout faith that people of the time bring to Kannon of Miidera-Temple.

On the premises opened in the hill where Otsu’s townscape and Lake Biwa is under the eyes, the Hundred Hall designated Shiga Prefecture and Otsu City designated tangible cultural assets, the bell tower, the Benghodon stage, the Eimado, with the focus on Kannon-do rebuilt during the Genroku period , Jizo-do, and the handwater houses are in line, forming the Minamiin Temple Gallery. Kannon-do, which is the center of the temple, is a multilayered supermarket building, a large building with tile roofing, which displays the old form of Kannondo, a Mysticism-based Kannon-do that connects these together between the hall and pilgrimage, where the main honor is settled I am telling today that I am suitable for Kannon Pilgrimage.


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如意輪観音 Nyoirinkannnon

十一面観音 Jyuuichimenkannon

黄不動尊 Kihudoson

釈迦如来 Syakanyorai

秘仏 弥勒仏 Mirokubutsu

薬師如来 Yakushinyorai

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